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Mivida City Features

Features – Mivida City Islamabad

Mivida City Developers are proud of the world-class project that they have brought to the inmates of Islamabad. Here are some features of Mivida City Islamabad which make it distinct from its competitors.


One of the distinct features of Mivida City Islamabad is its affordability. The developers have ensured that it doesn’t become a burden for investors. Those who are looking for high-end housing in Islamabad will find it fitting to their needs.


Accessibility is another prime feature of Mivida City Islamabad. It lies in a location that can be accessed from multiple commuting routes. It lies next to Chakri Interchange which adds a big pro to it.


The developers of Mivida Islamabad are known for the maintenance of their projects. They have worked on the global level and are aware of the post-developmental responsibilities which add to its pros.

World-class Infrastructure

The developers of Mivida Islamabad have worked on various projects in different countries of the world. Their experience with these developmental projects will make sure that this project is according to the global standard.

Quality Development

Quality development is another pro feature that makes Mivida Islamabad a reliable investment. The developers of this project will make sure that it caters to the needs of future generations. For this purpose, the infrastructure will be built keeping in view the needs of the future.

Sports Facilities

Sports is a basic need to keep the inmates fit and this is the reason a sports facility has been included in Mivida City. These include facilities for cricket, football, and other sports. Thus, the inmates will stay fit while also enjoying their life in full.

Medical Facilities

Hospitals and other medical facilities are also a considerable addition to Mivida City Islamabad. Thus, its inmates won’t have to commute anywhere else for medical checkups or in case of medical emergencies.

Commercial Facilities

Markets, banks, and other commercial facilities will ensure the facilitation of inmates of Mivida Islamabad. Thus, the inmates will get their needs fulfilled on the premises of this housing project.

Central Jamia Masjid

A central Jamia Masjid has been included as part of the master plan. It will ensure that the inmates are able to offer their prayers without facing any difficulties.

Facilities and Amenities

Along with the aforementioned features, Mivida Islamabad offers some additional facilities and amenities that will make the investment beneficial for the inmates. Some of these are given as follows.

  • Easy Installments
  • Reliability
  • Gymnasium and other fitness facilities
  • Reliable transport system
  • Family-friendly living

In short, Mivida Islamabad provides the perfect housing facilities to the inmates of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.